Joe Vaiana

Joe Vaiana, my father, was the kindest, smartest, funniest, and most loving person I've ever known. It is an honor to dedicate RootMath to him.

Prof. Michael Zwick

Michael Zwick's unending humor and enthusiam for math truly allowed me to embrace the subject. I will forever be grateful for the side of math and education that he showed me.

Prof. Steve Kilner

Prof. Kilner was an inspiration and a very gracious source of mathematical guidance. He is the embodiment of what a great teacher is and should be.

Dr. Scott Russel

Dr. Russel taught my first and only computer science class and without him this website would not have been possible. Every bit of php and javascript code on this website (written by me) is a direct result or adaptation of things I learned in Dr. Russel's class. He has been extremely helpful and patient and made learning Java interesting and challenging.

Design and Implementation


MathJax currently powers all of the math on this website including the math found in the forum.

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Joseph Ziarko

RootMath would not exist without the unending support, encouragement, and constructive critiscm from my very close from Joseph Ziarko. His expert eye and opinion has touched every piece of this website including the logo and website design and layout. RootMath will be forever indebted to him.

Christian Bullock

Thanks to Christian, of for permission to use some of the images found on the forum.

Web Related

Steve Mayer

Steve Mayer was instrumental in fortifying my belief that I could undertake this project without hiring outside help. He offered his time and knowledge to helping me display mathematics in the original RootMath forum.

Visit his website at:

Paul Hunter

Paul graciously offered his guidance, help, and support, for displaying MathMl with his "MathToWeb" online app.

You can visit Paul's website at: